By purchasing and using Color the Clouds graphics you are automatically agreeing to these Terms of Use. 

  • Color the Clouds retains the copyright to all Color the Clouds graphic images. 
  • When you purchase Color the Clouds graphics, you are purchasing a license to use the graphics, not the copyright. You may not claim them as your own.

Allowed :

  • Personal use
  • Using graphics to create commercial products as long as

*Graphics are flattened & secured so they are not able to be extracted from the product (simply exporting or saving as a PDF does NOT flatten or secure, additional steps must be taken)

*Graphics are used to create a new design–they should enhance your product but not be the main part of it.

  • Coloring Pages are allowed as long as they make up less than 30% of the entire project and more is added to the coloring page than just the image and the word “Color”. (Clarification: Coloring Books are Not Allowed, adding to an activity pack, etc., with a few coloring pages Is Allowed if you add more to the coloring page than just the image and the word “Color”.)
  • Using graphics to create projects or lessons for your personal classroom or homeschool group (worksheets, activity packs, posters, etc., as long as they don’t only consist of Color the Clouds graphics–words, etc. must be added).
  • Graphics may be used in unlimited projects/products but only for personal or small commercial (selling 5,000 or less copies of your product) use.
  • Credit to my store via a link and using my Store Logo/Icon (included with your purchase) is appreciated but not required.
  • Using the graphics commercially on any print-on-demand website as long as it is significantly different from the original design.

Not Allowed:

  • Creating Coloring Books (adding a few coloring pages is allowed in certain types of products–see Allowed section above).
  • Creating your own clip art/graphics using Color the Clouds graphics/clip art.
  • Sharing Color the Clouds graphics with anyone–please refer them to my shop if they wish to use.
  • Unsecured graphics that are loose inside of a document allowing them to be extracted.
  • Using the graphics on any project/product that will be uploaded to a website with a Creative Commons license.

Please contact me if you are not clear about these Terms of Use or if you wish to use the graphics in ways not addressed here. Thanks!

Terms of Use may be modified at any time.